SRI Delivers Combined Capital and Operating Solutions That Let Your Organization Realize the Full Benefits of Rail.

Organization-wide Financial Objectives are Often Clear and Direct…

Yet key rail opportunities are often missed in the margins.

Operating and capital expenses are absorbed into various parts of the P&L, which creates accounting blind spots.  

In addition, rail is often managed incrementally in silos so responsibility for expenses are split. 

Transportation is a significant cost driver in your supply chain and must be properly configured to support your core objectives.   

Rail shippers commonly ask:

  • How do we make sure that we’re not spending too much on transportation?
  • How do we continue to effectively integrate rail into our modal mix?
  • Do our rail assets properly support the opportunities for efficiency?
  • How do we prevent “surprise” capital needs for existing or new rail assets?

Asset-based solutions from Strategic Rail Industrial can be used to liberate your capital and consolidate your operations. When you engage us for Design/Build/Operate or Purchase/Improve/Leaseback , you can recover the missed opportunities and eliminate the accounting blind spots.


Financially and operationally, we deliver the solution and absorb the risks.


Expensive rail assets on your balance sheet and intermittent downside surprises when capital investment is required


Predictable monthly lease payments at lower overall cost


High rail operating costs,  poor rail performance


Efficient and reliable rail operations


Fragmented decision-making and management of rail


Holistic approach to rail management across the entire supply chain

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