The SRI whole-systems approach identifies and delivers improvements to the three complex and intertwined logistics components of your supply chain. 

Keeping your rail operations fluid is critical to the performance of your plant facilities. We can help you pinpoint problem areas and opportunities and address them with action-based solutions

  • Analyze in-gate operating practices and associated costs
  • Prescribe process and infrastructure improvements that increase throughput and reduce operating expenses.
  • Oversee implementation with KPI’s to ensure success of plant operations

Transportation is one of your biggest costs and sources of value.  SRI’s experience with multi-modal supply chains enables us to look deeply into freight movements and help you leverage missed opportunities.    

  • Conduct audit and analysis of current transportation practices and spend, including avoidable accessorial charges
  • Identify infrastructure constraints driving unnecessary transportation and operational spend
  • Develop corrective actions to capture and prioritize missed opportunities with an emphasis on supply-chain design and optimization.     

SRI can help you understand choke points in your supply chain.  Our KPI-driven approach will design a “new state” for your operations that minimizes investment in new infrastructure and eliminates unnecessary accessorial spend.  

  • Establish unit train service as needed
  • Optimize railcar storage to eliminate demurrage or constructive placement charges while supporting future growth
  • Ensure your facility’s storage and buffer space is sufficient for smooth handling of materials and products 
  • Determine the minimal infrastructure required to create operational feasibility

Financing and Constructing your Rail Infrastructure with Asset-Based Solutions

If you want to save your capital—both financial and human—for core activities, SRI has the solution.  Our approach provides planning, investment, financing, and operation for your rail-based supply chain—and eliminates complexity.  You can run your entire rail supply chain with just one relationship.

What Exactly is an Asset-Based Solution?

For existing rail operations

We  assume responsibility for operating and maintaining your infrastructure with our Purchase/Improve/Leaseback options.  Non-core rail assets come off your balance sheet, and our operations team drives down your delivered cost.

For new projects

We provide customized Design/Build/Operate solutions  that ensure reliability, reduce complexity, and  keep rail project financing off your balance sheet.   You consolidate all operations  and maintenance with a single source. 

What we do:

  • Convert the fixed costs in your rail supply chain into variable spend
  • Finance and maintain infrastructure solutions tailored to your evolving needs
  • Source railcars and manage your rail fleet
  • Operate the physical on-premise rail assets that serve your facilities
  • Manage the movement of your shipments “outside the gate” across the rail network 

The advantages of our asset-based solutions:

  • Gain access to capital at the lowest available cost
  • Accelerate return on employed capital by removing rail infrastructure from your balance sheet
  • Simplify operations via a single-source provider to make rail as simple to manage as trucking

Financially and operationally, we deliver the solution and absorb the risk. 

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