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Are you struggling to find trucking capacity? Are railcar demurrage bills out of hand? PSR got you down? Our team has first-hand experience in service design and managing multi-modal supply chains, and we can look deep into your freight movements across mode and help you spot missed opportunities with a broad-view supply chain analysis and redesign. If your organizational structure places mode management in silos, we can help you look across those silos. Some of the opportunities we can help address include

  • Coordinating between modes to optimize rail use and build in redundancy across modes
  • Address the cost increases and challenges associated with Precision Scheduled Railroading (PSR)
  • Identifying when infrastructure constraints drive unneeded operational spendIn some cases, our broad-view analysis can open entire markets of “stranded” freight. Learn more here about how we helped one shipper unlock a landlocked export market.



If your existing rail infrastructure needs changes to meet current needs, engineering rail infrastructure is a three-way balancing act. You only want to build the infrastructure you truly need but you have to make it operationally feasible, respecting the limits of rail equipment and train operations. Yet if your connecting railroad operates “inside the gate” it may impose its own construction standards far in excess of what makes your facility operationally feasible.

We can help you design infrastructure that best balances those three dimensions, and in conjunction with our operating partners we can help you minimize the impact of your serving railroad on the infrastructure inside your gate. Sometimes that will mean substituting a qualified operating partner for the railroad.

Between our understanding of railroad operating and safety rules and our broad approach to planning for your supply chain, rest assured that your design will work, and keep working for you in future years.

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