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Your Tenants’ Cost of Transportation Will Determine if Your Site Wins or Loses.

Successful industrial developments focus on logistics first since transportation supply chain efficiency drives tenant viability. Access to low-cost rail alternatives is crucial for large industrial shippers. Seamlessly connecting your development to rail can be challenging,  and that’s what we solve.

Developers introducing or expanding freight rail on their industrial property are faced with many important questions…

  • How do we work with the serving railroad?
  • How do we access capital to cover the cost of building new rail infrastructure?
  • How do we avoid sinking millions of dollars into the wrong rail assets?

The right answers may significantly alter the direction of your efforts.

Position Freight Rail to Drive Your Project to Success.

Site development may start as a real estate play. But when it’s time to collaborate with a railroad or form a public-private partnership with local governments, we have the experience. We excel at developing capital access strategies that leverage these partners. We help answer the question of who will own and operate the railroad tracks inside your property.  SRI can perform all onsite rail services.  From planning to construction to operation, we deliver the rail access your tenants need.

Obtain the Financing You Need to Construct Your Infrastructure.

When it’s time to build infrastructure, our solutions balance the cost of capital between railroads, shippers, and developers, and our top-tier partners can build the infrastructure contained in your master plan with an efficient phased approach. Rail projects are frequently eligible for grants, tax credits, and low-interest loans—sometimes from unconventional sources. Having completed over 120 public-finance transactions, we can leverage developer investments to increase returns and generate the diverse benefits of rail for your business park.

 Ensure Maximum Uptime of your Critical Rail Assets.

Avoid costly service interruptions and embargoes. A shipper who picks a rail-served site is banking on consistent service availability.  When the rail infrastructure in your park needs to be maintained and operated, we can partner to guarantee its life-cycle success. Our solutions can include in-park train operations and comprehensive no-surprise maintenance plans.

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