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We understand how challenging it can be to select the right site for your project, whether it be greenfield or brownfield. With the raw number of variables to consider, mitigating risks to performance becomes as important as developing a strong analysis of alternatives. Our rail-focused site selection advisory can help.

  • We can build structured models with easy-to-understand dashboards to compare your preferred alternatives on a financial basis, taking into consideration such factors as development time, input and utility costs, transportation spend, financing alternatives, and incentive structures
  • We can engage in thorough qualitative and quantitative analysis of the rail service options at each site, helping you to understand what commitments you will need from serving railroads. Furthermore, we can help you design facilities, railcar fleets, and material handling around existing rail service to minimize the risk to your operation that promised service changes don’t materialize.

At completion, our site selection analysis will give you true insight into the NPV of your project, especially if we are collaborating further on the aspect of financing your project. In the course of our research, shippers sometimes find surprising conclusions regarding site alternative analysis. Learn more here about how we helped one shipper understand its options in a new light.



When you are constructing a new rail-served project, engineering rail infrastructure is a three-way balancing act. You only want to build the infrastructure you truly need, and phase it as your volumes adjust. But you have to make it operationally feasible, respecting the limits of rail equipment and train operations. Yet if your connecting railroad operates “inside the gate” it may impose its own construction standards far in excess of what makes your facility operationally feasible. 

We can help you design infrastructure that best balances those three dimensions, and in conjunction with our operating partners we can help you minimize the impact of your serving railroad on the infrastructure inside your gate. Sometimes that will mean substituting a qualified operating partner for the railroad and we have the ability to facilitate such a solution. 

Between our understanding of railroad operating and safety rules and our broad approach to planning for your supply chain, rest assured that your design will work, and keep working for you in future years.


Before you place the first shovel in the dirt, we believe a project has to be bankable. In our eyes, that means it needs to make financial sense, so planning your capital access strategy is absolutely critical to success.

We can provide an alternative analysis of multiple different financial structures for your project, including both capital and operating components. Additionally, your project may provide significant community benefit and environmental benefit. We think of this as the power of the Triple Bottom Line solution. And with Strategic Rail’s deep roots in public advisory and public-private partnership structuring, we can help you leverage the community and environmental benefits by structuring appropriate public-private partnerships to access the lower cost of public capital where it makes sense.

Once the capital access strategy is developed, and you understand the right mix of internal capital, debt financing, public contributions, and external capital, we source the external capital for you to ensure that the project is a success. Beginning with the bankability of the solution, we end with the financing to execute

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